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Why Sell Heavy Duty Plastic Storage Boxes?

We created Tough Crates after we noticed that a large proportion of the plastic storage boxes in circulation are easily broken!

We were in an excellent position to notice the problem because we also run a Removals and Storage Business. We have moved the contents of thousands of homes and offices.

Despite our five star reputation for careful handling, we found that a lot of plastic storage boxes would split, crack or shatter with surprisingly little force. 

Lots of them broke from simply being picked up by their handles. Sometimes stacking a moderate load on top of one would lead to total failure. Worse still, we found these flimsy plastic storage boxes were everywhere. Virtually all homes and workplaces had them!

If there’s one thing that removals people dread, it is breaking other people’s stuff. We quickly came to fear the sound of breaking plastic. Even after we started to take extreme caution when handling plastic boxes we found that we were still breaking plenty of them.

We concluded that we should do something to tackle the problem. 

Flimsy plastic boxes were standing in the way of our desire to do a perfect job.

After a lot of research we decided to concentrate on making one standard size of box extremely affordable. We knew that we could only do that using economies of scale, by selling direct to the public and keeping our overheads to a minimum. 

Tough Crates were born! 

We think they represent a great investment. They still aren’t quite as cheap as flimsy plastic boxes from the high street, but they will outlast them by a mile. Our customers understand that heavy duty storage boxes provide much better value for money than cheap flimsy ones.

On a final note before you take a look around the rest of our site, there is one question that the cynics of the United Kingdom (including our friends and family) frequently ask us!

Did you pre-break or interfere with the box that shatters violently in your homepage video in some way? 


Yes, it is a pretty dramatic example of what can happen with some flimsy boxes, but we have seen it happen time and time again on removals jobs. We have an awful lot of experience with plastic boxes! Yes, sometimes failure is less dramatic. Sometimes cheap boxes only partially crack or split and can limp on in a semi-useful way, but we are trying to make you think carefully about the products you buy. Thin boxes may survive having extremely lightweight items stored in them, but their applications are extremely limited. Ultimately they are a poor long term investment compared to our heavy duty boxes.