Tough Crates – Heavy Duty Storage Boxes (60L)

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£11.95 inc. VAT

Fast & free delivery on orders of 5 or more!*

  • External Dimensions 600 x 400 x 330mm
  • Internal Top Dimensions 537 x 370mm
  • Internal Base Dimensions 490 x 325mm
  • Internal Height 315mm
  • Nested Height 70mm

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Our Heavy Duty Storage Boxes will stand up to almost anything you care to throw at them!

Stack masses of weight on top of them.

Load them with heavy objects.

Throw them around.

They are built to take the abuse!

If you are absolutely fed up of flimsy plastic boxes, then Tough Crates are for you!

By restricting our product range to one size and colour we can use economies of scale to provide you with better value for money on the stuff that really matters.

Stuff like making our boxes as close to bomb proof as can be reasonably expected. They have a good life expectancy, which makes them good value for money.

Stuff like providing free delivery to most of the UK as standard to make shopping as simple and painless as possible*.

Stuff like being completely open and honest about our prices. We show them inclusive of VAT across our website. We do not expect you to waste your time filling in your details at the checkout only to find that our boxes are much more expensive than you thought!

Stuff like using plastic free packaging that’s 100% recyclable. We do not use plastic tape, bubble wrap, polystyrene or pallet wrap to ship our crates!


What are the downsides of our restricted product range?

1) If you don’t like black, you’re stuffed!

Our market research suggested that black was an acceptable colour to most people. What our customers really care about is how our plastic boxes perform, so that’s where we’ve invested our efforts. We don’t think you’ll be disappointed at how sturdy they are. Yes, we know that a small number of people are absolutely desperate to have them in pink. They will be disappointed. We do get emails about it. We just think that the vast majority of people would rather have boxes that are incredibly robust, so that’s what we’ve focussed on!

2) If you’re a giant and you live in a castle, they’ll be too small!

We picked 60 litre boxes as being the most useful size after handling thousands of items running our Removals and Storage business. We found that 60 litres was big enough to pack a decent amount of stuff in, but without being impractically large. When boxes get much bigger than 60 litres, you risk getting a hernia when picking one up! Even if you’re a fit young removals porter, there’s only so much one person can handle. It also becomes a nightmare to move boxes that are much bigger than 60 litres through standard doorways. That’s obviously not a problem if you’re a giant who lives in a castle though!**


So go ahead and pick our simple and well made boxes. We’re an honest and transparent company. We’re making a good product. You’ll never fear breaking a box again!


*Our Buy 5 or more, get free delivery offer does not currently apply to the Highlands and Islands of Scotland, Northern Ireland, the Isle of Man, Isle of Wight or the Scilly Isles. We do offer delivery to these parts of the UK, but at slightly different rates. Please see our delivery information page for full details.

**We do get requests for larger sizes and might consider branching out to two or three sizes of Tough Crate at some point. We don’t think that there can be that many giants or castles in the UK, so some people must have really big things to store. If you’re simply aiming to save money by buying the largest boxes you can find, we urge you to think really carefully and to resist that temptation. Back injuries can be life changing and devastating. We rate overweight boxes as some of the most dangerous items to handle. Don’t risk it.



9 reviews for Tough Crates – Heavy Duty Storage Boxes (60L)

  1. Laura

    I have purchased some of these crates and I’m very happy with the quality. They are surprisingly spacious! Previously I have used cheap plastic and you can definitely see the difference in the quality. I’m currently using it to store vintage crockery and was anxious when transporting it around in cheap storage boxes, if the bottom would break which would be a disaster. Now with the tough crate I have full confidence when carrying them around. They are stackable which helps with space and storage. I would highly recommend this company and their products.

  2. Jon

    Really good boxes, they can handle a lot of goods and there is no worry around them splitting or cracking.

  3. Kevin

    They say, you get what you pay for, well you certainly do here, very pleased with what I’ve just purchased.

  4. Nathan Heron

    I purchased 10 crates for my garage, they fit perfectly on the racking shelves.Great value for money and a speedy delivery service.

  5. Laurence

    Fantastic service and product. If the lids closed first time without jiggling the tabs into place they would be perfect but still streets ahead of DIY store offerings.
    Where are these made? If they are not made in China I’d emphasize that fact.

  6. Jayne

    I purchased 10 of these crates and was so impressed with the quality i purchased 10 more,they are excellent value for money,similar crates from the bigger companies are nearly 3 times the price.

  7. Andrew

    Purchased 10 of these crates, I would highly recommend. Matt was very responsive to messages and the product is fantastic. Many thanks.

  8. Bex

    The quality of the boxes and the customer service is superb. I highly recommend this company and their boxes. Matt was especially helpful. Thanks, Matt!

  9. Dave C

    Bought 5 of these for a local charity as a cheaper alternative to some previous Curver-2214 boxes we’d got. OK, the big downside is these are solid black so you can’t just look through the side and get an idea of what’s in there… problem sorted with a big sticky label and some writing. Easy purchase, plenty available, great delivery deal. They stack well, they carry well, they fit through doorways and they are made of stout english plastic. Delighted, so am now buying 10 more for storing crap in my attic.

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